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Vital Stats

Class: Beast
Family: Aldgoat
Discipline: Unknown
Aggressive: Unknown
Typical Drops:
Crystal: Unknown


Zone Levels HP : MP Special Drops Steal Spawns
Unknown  ?? - ??  ?? : ?? Unknown Unknown Unknown

Raimdelle Codex

Atop rocky crags dwelleth the Aldgoat, wonderous, hardy and wooly, and ravenous insomuch that hardly he may have provender enough to sate his ne'erending hunger, for nigh all men know the land's stark mountaintops were once leafy knolls ere the Aldgoat came, or so telleth the Ishgardian myth, Tale of Bridges.

The male Aldgoat hath a rough chapen head, as it were the head of a statue sinewy nape for to shield against whetted fangs. From his temples, groweth forth crook'd horns right strong and sturdy, with which he rendeth most cruelly.

These are not absent the female, yet hers are tiny, for her disposition tendeth toward meekness and mildness. It is said witches use the horns and perform many witchcrafts therewith.

While the Aldgoat is young and tender and fair of disposition, he may yet be tame and obedient. If however unbroken by his second Spring, he is lost and men he shall shun e'ermore.

Historical Background

Aldgoats are denizens of rocky, mountainous regions, indiscriminately eating any vegetation they happen across. They have thick, wooly coats and sharp horns, though the horns of the males are markedly larger than those of females. These horns are highly sought after for their potency in magical endeavors. The Aldgoat also has protective ring of tough flesh around its necks, which serves to protect against the bites of predators. Aldgoats can be successfully domesticated and raised as livestock provided they are broken before their second year.

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